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    Meet the needs of multiple industries.


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    Wuxi xinxiyuan mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has many years of professional manufacturing of motor insulation treatment equipment and parts production, has accumulated rich practical experience, and has strong technical force, continuous improvement in the original technology, can independently design and manufacture all kinds of motor insulation treatment equipment, assembly line, motor aging line acc...


    Meet the needs of multiple industries.

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    What is the important role of paint dropping mach...

    At present, the processing and production of ornaments are more and more fine, and the types of ornaments are also increasing. In the processing and production...


    What are the advantages of automatic paint droppi...

    At present, in order to achieve better production purposes, the processing industry will select advanced equi...


    What are the classification of paint drips and wh...

    During the processing and production by the paint dropping machine, it can achieve better application purpose...


    What are the differences between the paint droppi...

    Now the paint dripper can be applied by air pressure during operation. In addition, the application range of ...

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      29 Huayi Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City
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      Manager Sun:159-6175-5634 / Manager Liu:138-0617-1294
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